Class bottle

Bottle of beer. 3D animation.

Cell shaded bottle.
Everything done in Blender.
2019 Jan.

cell-shaded bottle

"Sienikirja" Game

A small 2D platformer I made for Lapland University of Applied Sciences' project featuring games about forrests for children.
I made everything from coding to animation and from 3D modeling to sounds. Done with Unity.
Play it here! (only in Finnish)

2017 Sep.-Dec.

Elf, Holiday Card

3D modelled character.
Render and particle-effect in Blender.
2018 Dec.

2D animation

A bunny animated in Unity.
2018 May

Lipsync with dialogue from the film Rock'n'Rolla(2008). Done in After Effects.
2016 Mar.

Short animation about the Czech region Moravia. Composition done in After Effects.
2016 Jun.

"Wind for Your Sails" Game

Mobile game and interactive controlled by the user blowing air to their devices microphone.
Done with Unity.
2017 Apr.

Textures for "Perditon's Mouth: Abyssal Rift"

Perdition's Mouth: Abyssal Rift is a tabletop game by Dragon Dawn Productions. They wanted to try converting the game to digital and to VR as a project for an university course.
I did 3D model optimisation and texture painting for this project. Original models by Dragon Dawn Productions.s
Painted in Substance Painter
2017 Jul.

Weather Bot

A bot for Discord chats that gives weather forcasts from the Finnish Meteorological Institute's open data.
Done with Python 3.6
2019 Feb.